A new generation of vehicle cabins – Rimaster presents Ag-riCab

At a customer event in Belgium, Rimaster’s next CEO Tomas Stålnert and project manager Bart Lowette presented the first pre-series “Ag-riCab”. Ag-riCab is a unique new generic cabin for primarily agricultural machines, developed by Rimaster.

Engineering group Rimaster has since long been a supplier of cabins for e.g. mining vehicles, but Ag-riCab is the very first domestic design, developed and built from scratch by Rimaster. The design and development was done in close cooperation with a reference group of European OEMs of primarily farming equipment such as harvesters and sprayers. All construction work and final assembly has been done at Rimaster Cab & Mechanics Cabin Centre in Horn, some 270 kilometres southwest of Stockholm.

Ag-riCab was designed in response to a firm market need, and is the first truly “generic” and highly adaptable cabin in its class. The fundamental design idea was to build a modern, modular and advanced cabin that already from start was highly adaptable to suit the various needs from different OEMs. Previously, in general the manufacturers either had to design a cabin of their own or choose from a limited selection of standard cabins. When the latter was chosen, it meant that normally the cabins had to be heavily modified prior to installation. With Ag-riCab, there are a lot of possible adaptions already from the beginning and the equipment manufacturer can easily select what sort of configuration he will need.

During the development of Ag-riCab, Rimaster could literally start with a blank sheet of paper, meaning that there was no “inheritance”, limiting possibilities or narrowing thinking. The result is a highly adaptable and very versatile standardized cabin where each customer still can have “his” version built in even limited series, yet at a very attractive unit cost. As Ag-riCab has been designed against the highest current European norm for agricultural machine driver comfort, EN15695 Cat4, the driver enjoys an enhanced protection against substances harmful to health such as dust, aerosols and vapours.

- As we now proudly presents Ag-riCab, we have reached what best can be described as a company milestone, says Tomas Stålnert.


- When we over the years have met with current and prospective customers, we soon realized that beyond the obvious need for a good and qualified cable harness and electrical systems supplier, many had also a need for a supplier of versatile cabs. As we had the knowledge and the determination to support our customers, so with Bart Lowette, Sales Manager at Rimaster’s Belgian office, as project manager, we set out to build the best generic cabin ever. Now, a mere two years after we initiated the project, Ag-riCab is ready for pre-series, full-scale commercial field tests.


- It’s not just another product, it is more of a proof of concept for us. We have since long had the company motto “Ability to create simplicity”, and Ag-riCab is just a proof of that, as we in the very true sense of that creates simplicity for a whole new group of customers.


- We have a philosophy to try to dig deep into the needs of our customers and in Ag-riCab, being a true response to a customer’s need, we have been able to integrate a lot of simplifying features to the benefit of the OEM, especially in response to his own customers, Tomas Stålnert concludes.


For further information, please contact


Anders Jonliden, Managing Director for Rimaster Cab & Mechanics, phone +46 708 720 877
Bart Lowette, Project Manager for Ag-riCab, phone +32 479 115 939

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