Rimaster as a partner

Rimaster’s cooperation with Malwa began in the spring of 2009. Malwa, then a young company, was busy with the development of a series of new mini forwarders, the Malwa 360, and needed help to develop its electrical system.


After a few initial meetings with Malwa, Rimaster Development in approximately six weeks not only designed the electrical system, but also made necessary preparations for a series manufacture of wiring harnesses, a feat that included to hand-build the first harness prototypes, write a program for operation of the machine, assembling the prototype and make it operationally ready.


The machine was introduced to the professionals during the Elmia Fair in Sweden in early June 2009, and attracted an immediate attention. While Malwa 360 was developed to meet the needs for smaller and lighter self-propelled forestry machines, Malwa has since then been able to add success to success and the latest machine, Malwa 560, forms the basis for a whole new family of forwarders.


Rimaster has been a development partner of Malwa since the first generation of forest machines, and is proud to have been able to participate to the company's success. Malwa is now also the launch customer for riFuse - Rimasters new, unique digital power control centre - as all new Malwa 560’s are equipped with riFuse as an integral part of the electrical system.


Learn more about Malwa here: www.malwa.se

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