Vacant positions

We are proud to work for Rimaster.


To us, it is apparent that we have a certain team spirit you don't find everywhere, a spirit that gives us the ability to do that little extra, to go that extra mile when needed, and to walk with a smile.


Consequently, we prefer to offer opportunities, not just jobs.


Who you are matters most. At Rimaster, we expect you to have the education, the skill, the experience needed to do what you are supposed to do. It is then who you are that matters.


Sometimes, we do not actively look for someone with your particular background. Still, if you feel you have a special skill, a competence you believe is of interest for us, please don't hesitate to contact us already now.


You can also always contact your nearest Rimaster unit to see if there are any local or temporary vacancies.

Head of Strategic Production Engineering to Rimaster AB



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