Rimaster – more than three decades of serving the customers

Rimaster is a privately owned company, proud of having been in operation since 1982.


Originally, Rimaster focused on mechanical production, with a mix of “own” products and sub-contract work for other companies. The company experienced a steady growth, up to the early 1990’s when focus was shifted from mechanical products to assembly of electronics and electrical subsystems, with telecom-giant Ericsson as a major customer.

When as a result of the global telecom-crisis Ericsson had to down-size, Rimaster found new customers and shifted focus to design and development of electrical systems for e.g. special vehicles – an area of operations that still is a core business for the company.


Over the years, Rimaster has experienced a continuous growth, organically as well as by adding new business to the group with some landmark achievements being the organizing of production in Poland in 2003, the acquisition of the ElectroSystem Group of companies in 2008 and the establishing of Rimaster China, also in 2008.

When Rimaster in 2007 acquired what today is Rimaster Development and Rimaster Cab & Mechanics, the ambition was to broaden the customer offerings primarily in capability. These two businesses, with their different areas of operations, allow Rimaster to be a true full-service provider, a “one stop shop” to care for the bulk of the customer’s needs.


In late 2010 expansion continued when a sales- and technical representative office for Benelux was opened in Belgium and in 2014, an office in France was opened to support Rimaster’s growing business in France, both offices dedicated to truly live up to Rimaster’s ambition to be a global company, offering local service.


In 2013, Rimaster took another significant step to be a full-service provider for manufacturers of special vehicles when two indigenously developed products were presented; “riFuse” which is a revolutionary digital control box for electrical systems and “AgriCab”, a generic cab for i.e. farming equipment.

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