All units within the Rimaster group now certified towards ISO 14001

Last spring, a project started at Rimaster in Söderhamn and Horn with the goal to certify both units towards ISO 14001 during the fall. The certification audit took place in late October and passed.

Lars Lundberg, quality manager at Rimaster in Söderhamn, has been the project leader:


- I am very satisfied with the result of the conducted audit and I would especially like to thank to all the colleagues who have contributed to the project. It feels great that we now have showed that we are working systematically with our environmental work at our units in Söderhamn and Horn.


Peter Haglund, quality manager in Rimaster AB:


- It is of course extremely important for us to constantly work on improvements in our operations and the area of environment is absolutely no exception. That our units in Söderhamn and Horn now are certified against ISO 14001, like all other units within Rimaster, is very satisfying.


All units within Rimaster are since long certified against ISO 9001. Now, with the ISO 14001 certification of the units in Söderhamn and Horn, all production units are certified towards both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


For further information, please contact


Peter Haglund, VP Quality & IT, Rimaster AB in Rimforsa, phone +46 – 494 – 795 54
Lars Lundberg, Quality, Rimaster Electrosystem AB in Söderhamn, phone +46 – 270 – 400 494
Pierre Vernersson, Quality, Rimaster Cab & Mechanics AB in Horn, phone +46 – 494 – 795 19


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