Rimaster receives AAA credit rating

Rimaster AB has once again received the AAA credit rating by Soliditet, one of the leading providers of business intelligence in the Nordic countries. About 9 % of all companies in Sweden received for the fiscal year 2011 a credit rating of AAA.

Soliditet’s rating system is based on several factors and the grading is done on a scale from AAA to C, where AAA corresponds to the highest credit rating. The rating is based on four areas: Age/type of business, Owner/management, Finance and Ability to pay. The information is gathered from publicly available sources.


"It is very satisfactory for us to once again obtain the AAA credit rating. We see it as proof of Rimaster’s stability and credibility as a business partner. It is very valuable for us in our contacts with customers and suppliers, financiers and society in general. Of course, we see it also as an acknowledgment of good management performance" said Pernilla Norman, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Rimaster AB.


More information is found in the attached PDF-file.

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